The best vacation among nature

After a lot of research and one failed attempt (in Las Vegas), I finally made it to one of the world’s oldest and most iconic tourist spots – read on to find out how to spend one day at the Grand Canyon. 
Ahh, the Grand Canyon.

2-week south island road trip

With picturesque fjords, snowcapped mountains, temperate rainforests and black sand beaches, the South Island of New Zealand is a nature-lover’s paradise. Add to that the seemingly endless amounts of activities — like bungy jumping.

How to visit mount vesuvius

When we were first thinking about this trip, we found that there was very little information about visiting both places back to back and independently. That being said, we knew that Mount Vesuvius. we’re going to share some of our tips for...

1 perfect week in iceland

All the waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers and beaches looked incredible and we wanted to see as much as possible in just under a week. But we were having a hard time figuring out how to connect the dots on a map in one epic road trip.

Nepal trip. it’s just amazing

Things to do in and around Kathmandu, sites to visit and places to see. Also, how to get to them. Most of these places to see in Kathmandu and nearby have their own detailed guides and tips on our blog, but this one blog post...